Happy New Year

Good afternoon, let’s chat over tea about…a New Year and all the possibilities which is why I am writing this post…I am embarking on a new endeavor and am so excited about it. It will take up some of my time and it will also take my posts for Monday and Thursday as I will have a guest writer who will hopefully join me in my endeavor…I hope you enjoy her contributions to chat over tea and I hope that you will join us in our endeavor.

I will not be writing on Weight Loss Wednesday for this week as I have pneumonia, which makes me unfit to be exercising but hopefully I will be fit next week to get back in the game.

This is tea chat Tuesday and I would like to share with you a new that I have discovered at none other than Starbucks…Tazo Joy tea:  a unique blend of black tea from India and Sri Lanka; “oolong’s perfect peach and green tea’s jasmine lullaby.” It is a bagged tea which I thought I would never enjoy again, having become a tea snob drinking only loose leaf tea but Joy tea is wonderful. It is soothing, comforting, and makes you feel warm inside. I am not a green tea fan but the blending of the black teas, oolong, and green tea is amazing. I enjoyed it so much that I bought two tins as I believe Joy is only a seasonal tea so won’t be around for long. It has made me feel warm and cozy because I’m sick and just wanted comfort…I absolutely love it. Give it a try and see how you like it and let me know. I drink it with milk and a natural sweetener, I just can’t drink tea without milk and sugar.

Have a great day for the first of the new year and let’s chat over tea on Friday about…


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