All Things Pretty Friday

Good evening, let’s chat over tea about…it’s Saturday and I’m posting my Friday entry tonight but I promise to have next Friday’s post published on time. Today I want to talk about my latest visit to the hair salon…the Pink Lime Salon and Spa in downtown Vancouver. I have visited the spa for manicures, pedicures, massages and the service was exemplary and extremely enjoyable and it is probably my favourite spa. However, I have never experienced the salon, although I’ve wanted to since my last visit to the spa and so my son’s last day at school before Christmas vacation I made an appointment to have my hair done. Jonathan, my son, attends a school about fifteen minutes from downtown and so it was very handy for me to have my hair done at the Pink Lime…hee hee. I arrived early for my appointment but I was really early so I went for a walk around the neighbourhood…Yaletown…and made my way back to the salon a little early and took a seat to flip through a hair magazine, hoping to find a picture of a style that might push me to make a change. When it was time for me to have my hair washed, which included a scalp massage and hair masque, I opted not to make a change and settled in for some serious r&r and almost fell asleep. The gentleman that pampered my hair almost became my stylist but then I was introduced to Romeo and I was so excited because he impressed me with his vision for my hair and listened to what I wanted but also made suggestions for what he thought would be best for my hair and joined the two visions. He was great to talk to, funny, gentle brushing my hair, and he gave me a cut that won’t need to be shaped and trimmed for four to five months. When he showed me my new cut I knew I had found my new stylist. I loved my old salon but I’m just not in the neighbourhood enough to make it there so I had to make a change and the Pink Lime is it.

Capturing my new do at Starbucks

Capturing my new do at Starbucks

rear view

rear view

side viewside view


These pictures were taken my girlfriend at our local Starbucks on my iPhone.

Have a good night and let’s chat over tea on Tuesday about…


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