Thanksgiving Thursday

Good afternoon, let’s chat over tea about…my guest blogger giving us something to consider and be thankful for…

Written by:  Michele Henter



Thanksgiving, the word evokes images of roasted turkey, bowls heaped with potatoes, stuffing and other gastronomic delights. MMMMM…..stuffing. Sorry, having a moment over here, am fasting carbs right now and the thought of warm stuffing just set my mouth to watering.

Okay, we’re back.

Aside from the annual holiday, however, it is the conscious act of giving thanks, of being thankful, of counting one’s blessings despite the storms and circumstances of life.

In our family the Thanksgiving table is also the place where we give voice to those things, or people, that we are thankful for. It is a rite that creates a holy space for others to enter into.

Oh the things we can be thankful for; big things like a roof over our heads, and little things like the joy a painted sky can bring. These things are all around us if we but look for them.

I wonder what brought a smile to your face this week. Did you pause, and stare in wonder? Did you give thanks for the moment that made your day seem a little brighter? If not, are you willing to try?

Will you help create a sacred space of thanksgiving right here?

This first full week of the year has made me pause in wonder many times; sometimes with my heart feeling like it’ll pound right out of my chest, and there were other moments that just made me smile, perhaps shake my head, and made me happy, even if only for a short while.

These moments included watching my dogs play, listening to my teens talk to each other like they actually liked one another, hugs from my husband, and birthday blessings that made me tear up with gratitude for the people in my life.

Some of it came from nature like the haunting beauty of a bare tree set against a multihued grey sky, the mountains in their ever changing appearance as winter marches on, and the odd day when the sun will come out and chase shadows across frost laden fields.

The rest came in the forms of a good cup of coffee (Starbuck’s anyone?), the savory bit of spicy tuna sashimi, and a good meal spent with friends and a glass wine.

My friends, what made you smile this week? Will you look with me over the next week and find the big and little things that set your heart and your mouth to smiling? I think you’ll be surprised what good things the practice of giving thanks will create within your home and your life.


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