Raising Girls – 1/14/2015

Good morning, let’s chat over tea about the book I’m reading…Raising Girls and well the title really is self-explanatory. It’s a fabulous book and I’ve only just started reading it. As I am raising a girl and she is starting to deal with challenges of being a girl, I need help in leading her through the jungle of girlhood. This book starts from birth and leads through four other stages till eighteen. I am reading the whole book, you may choose not to and go straight to the stage that your daughter, niece or granddaughter is in, because I love to read and there are helpful sections in the early stages that I can relate to. So buy this book, read it, follow me as I read it and let’s support each other in raising our girls. Below is a link to my YouTube video, please go check it out.

Have a great morning and we’ll chat again about…



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