Ride With Me on My Wave to Health

I am embarking on a wave to health and fitness with body building, my reward and challenge at the finish line is to learn how to surf, wear a bikini for the first time in my life and learn how to paddleboard and kayak. I have been starting and dropping my workout for about five years now since I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, my niece started bodybuilding a year ago and helped me set up a new workout which includes weight lifting, I have been meeting her bodybuilding friends and her coach…which led to me altering my concept of what bodybuilding really is. My niece, Xoana, her coach’s name is Dawn and she explained to me, that bodybuilding is more than building muscle to compete, bodybuilding is lifting weight to change your body to what you desire and aspire to. 

So, in taking on my new workout, as a competitive person, I need a goal to achieve when I’ve reached my goal size…hence, as I wrote above I will learn how to surf, in a bikini which I’ve never worn before, with a roxy shirt and learn how to paddleboard and kayak. I am so excited to get going but first I must share with you where I am in size and weight…180lbs and a size 15…my goal weight is 135lbs but my ideal weight is 125lbs and my goal size is a 4. I also, as part of my workout on the advice from Xoana, because I discovered that I get a bit anxious when I’m lifting weights…Xoana suggested I wear a baseball cap to shut out everybody else, so I am going to buy a baseball cap either a Seattle Seahawks cap or a Boston Red Sox cap. I will also spend a half hour or so on the treadmill everyday except Sundays and go swimming with my children a few times a week.

So, I will be posting everyday about how I’m enjoying my workout and the gains I’m making and I will also post pictures and the changes in my body once a week. Please follow me as I ride my wave to health and fun and tomorrow we will chat over tea about…


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