A Book Review: I’m Loving the Divergent Series

Hey everybody, let’s chat over tea about…first of all…I am behind in my reading so I’ve been reading two books at the same time: Allegiant and The Supernatural Ways of Royalty to catch up. I’m supposed to be reading Fashioned to Reign this month but we’ll see as I don’t want to rush Supernatural Ways of Royalty.

So, the Divergent series…I’m going to review Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant together as I haven’t reviewed the first two and I’m almost done with Allegiant:
Divergent introduces us to Beatrice, the heroine of these books, who lives in a society with factions; a way of life and a way of defining their people. Beatrice is born into a faction but at sixteen she has the opportunity to change factions or stay with the one she was born into. This choice changes the her life forever and redefines who she thinks she is.

In Insurgent, now named Tris by her choice of factions, she finds herself factionless; people in her society who don’t belong in any faction for one reason or another and are essentially homeless and poverty-stricken, and struggling to figure out who she is and where she belongs in a society that is built on lies and deception and she strives to bring down the faction that has been the governing faction for generations.

In Allegiant, Tris learns that everything she thinks she knows about herself, her world, and the faction system that she believes was created for the people’s good, is built on more lies and deception and there is a larger body of “creators” at work who have been controlling everything, including other societies and she again is facing the Dauntless task of bringing these people down and figuring out how everything fits into who she thinks she is.

This series is action-packed, filled with dips and turns that will take your emotions on a rollercoaster ride that will leave you breathless. The characters are well written and relateable, even some of the villains convince you to root for them because they are so darn charming. I went to see the movie Divergent before reading the books as Katarina was loving this series, after seeing the movie with her I decided to read them myself because the movie led me to see that even though you’re born into a family that may not have been there for you or a society in Tris’ case, you don’t have to allow your childhood to define you. You can break free and become the person you dreamed of being or were destined to be. It makes you stop and think about maybe the possibility of changing your world.

Please take a look at Divergent the book and the series and maybe see how dauntless you are…

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