A Review of IT Cosmetics and Concealers


Hey everybody, let’s chat over tea about…how I have been on YouTube for awhile now and people have spoken about IT Cosmetics and I was interested in what they are about so…I was watching the Shopping Channel one day and they were hosting IT Cosmetics which excited me as I wanted to try them out, anything I can put on my skin that can help it I will try it. Just let me speak about the Shopping Channel for a minute; what I love about the Shopping Channel is that they bundle products together so you get multiple products at a great price, products you might purchase but you’re not sure and they speak on every product as well as the company and what they stand for.

IT Cosmetics has a fabulous vision for their products and I’m enjoying them…I did mention in my video that the bye bye undereye cream wasn’t working as well as I had hoped but after using it for awhile and experimenting with foundations, I believe that I have finally figured out how to use it on my skin and you should try it for yourself…

Have a great day and tomorrow we’ll chat over tea about…

Here is the link for the Shopping Channelhttp://www.theshoppingchannel.com
and the link for my YouTube video…


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