tarte and Urban Decay Goodies

Hey everybody, let’s chat over tea about…my new goodies from tarte cosmetics and an Urban Decay eyeshadow…I made a decision to limit my choices of cosmetics brands to two for two reasons; one, it was getting to expensive trying to keep us with all ladies on YouTube that I follow with the products that they were trying; and two, I have a small house with no space for storing cosmetics…so, what brands do I choose? I have acne-prone skin and so I stick to brands that are good for my skin and as natural as possible…bareMinerals is my favourite but I wanted to try a more mainstream brand.

I had purchased a tarte eye palette last year and fell in love with their products, it was actually a set which included: a blush; a small sample of their setting powder;  a mascara, which I didn’t use because it was black; and a lipstick which I gave to Katarina because  it was too dark for me. I had purchased a concealer from them around the same time and I loved it too so it was a no-brainer to choose tarte as my second brand to use. The beauty of limiting the brands I use with my budget, is that I can buy new products as they come out, but I chose to start with their powder foundation because I have my Benefit liquid foundation that I want to finish.

I also purchased an Urban Decay eyeshadow because the colour is beautiful and tarte doesn’t have a line of eyeshadows that you can replace, their shadows are usually in palettes. The eyeshadow that I purchased is a very pale peach that is creamy and pretty.
Down below is the link to my YouTube video which goes into greater detail of the products and I hope you enjoy it.




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