My Face is My Canvas: Part 2


Hey everybody, let’s chat over tea about…how my face is my canvas and now I will continue from where I left off. Trial and error as to what skin care products are best for my skin and what brands of cosmetics are best me, which colours are best for me…As we age our skin changes so the products that worked for us in our twenties won’t necessarily work for us in our thirties and as for me, in my forties. Even in my twenties, I was still using drugstore makeup products but when I is my late twenties I discovered bareMinerals and a love affair was born. bareMinerals is makeup that is good for your skin, it makes me feel pretty, soft, like I can conquer the world and it makes me feel perfect. As I have learned more about makeup and skin care, I have also ventured out of my comfort zone and my loyalty to bareMinerals and I have tried other brands and I love them too.

Also, as your skin matures and I have matured, the new brands that I have discovered are fabulous. I’m not quite sure where this sentence came from but I will always stay true to bareMinerals as I continue to try other brands of makeup, two of which are; Benefit and well I am still deciding on another. Too Faced has a fabulous pressed powder foundation which I love and Urban Decay has an amazing liquid foundation that I am dying to try as well as a matching concealer. 

With makeup, after your foundation comes the rest of your face and one of my favourite brands to “paint” my canvas, is Makeup Geek: her, being Marlena the founder of  Makeup Geek, prices are ridiculously low – $5.99 for eyeshadows and $9.99 for blushes – and she is branching out to foundations and concealers. I discovered Makeup Geek by being on and watching YouTube, I tried a few of her eyeshadows and fell in love. For my lips, I love bareMinerals as well as Too Faced and Benefit.

Brushes are an integral part of “painting” my face and the right brushes make all the difference in the world. My favourite brushes right now are from Sigma which you can buy online at Real Techniques are also great brushes which can be bought at drugstores and 

I love makeup and skin care and I love “painting” my face, I love the way makeup enhances the beauty that God gave me, I love the way it makes me feel pretty and I love all the colours that are at my disposable to shop from.

So, this has been fun and tomorrow we’ll chat over tea about…




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