A Mom Who Lifts


Here is where write about my wave to health and fitness, how I have taken up weightlfting and how much I love it.  I will share with you my progress: my present weight; my measurements; and how I’m feeling both physically, emotionally and mentally. I refer to riding my wave to health because when I have reached a healthy size and I am feeling fit, I will wear a bikini for the first time in my life and will learn how to surf. I am also going to take up paddle boarding and kayaking!!! Please join me on my wave to health by following this blog.


3 thoughts on “A Mom Who Lifts

    • iamchatovertea says:

      Thank you for following me…if you can, join a gym and pay for or hopefully it’s free to have a trainer from the gym show a basic weight lifting routine and then do about twenty minutes of cardio…do this four to five times a week and you won’t see a huge change on the scale but you will notice a change in the size of your clothes and just your general appearance.

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