A Girl and Her Bunny


Hey everybody, let’s chat over tea about…our new family member, Chester, a mini lop bunny whom we bought for our daughter, Katarina, has brought fun and joy into our lives. I was raised with cats so I was a little nervous about having a bunny but Katarina did a ton of research, she learned all she could about mini lop bunnies. She spent hours researching what they eat, how to set up his cage, toys, the right hay, the right bedding, she spent every spare minute learning all she could to prepare herself for the possibility of having a bunny. Our son, Jonathan, and Katarina both wanted a dog but my husband Pedro, doesn’t think it’s fair to raise a dog in a townhouse and I agree. We aren’t allowed to leave any pet outside unless the animal has a leash on so we couldn’t leave a dog in the backyard and our 1500 sq. ft. townhouse isn’t big enough for our children let alone a dog. When Katarina realized she couldn’t have a dog she just started asking for a pet, any pet but we had tried fish many times but they always died so what to do?

Katarina has a friend at school whose family has had many bunnies and they have a breeder, his mom brings their bunny to school because they are very social animals and Katarina fell in love with bunnies. I didn’t know you could have a bunny as a pet but as I got to know Kim, Katarina’s friends mom, and her bunnies I began to see how wonderful they are. We were at Katarina’s ultimate frisbee tournament and Kim showed me a picture of a baby boy bunny that was almost ready for a home; we got to talking about the benefits of bunnies as pets; they’re hypoallergenic, totally clean, no odour, and they’re therapeutic. Katarina fell in love with this adorable bunny and so we took it to Daddy, we made deals, promises, but the therapeutic edge was the selling point.

As soon as Katarina found out that she was getting a bunny named Chester, her anxiety level went way down, she was able to focus on her schoolwork more, she didn’t need me coming to school to have lunch with her every day, she was able to go to the waterslides with her friends on her own today and she’s just getting better in every way. She’s a little nervous still about holding him and carrying him around but they have a bedtime ritual and she will lie on the floor next to him and just talk to him. She loves him so much and we all love having him in our home; he is a part of the family and it’s hard to believe we’ve only had him for three weeks. More than anything else it was nice to say yes to Katarina for something that she really wanted that wasn’t frivolous and that has brought her so much joy!!!

Thank you for chatting with me again and tomorrow we’ll chat over tea about…




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