NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer



Hello everybody, let’s chat over tea about…my quest for the best concealer for my dark circles under my eyes. I have tried everything; drugstore, high end, middle of the road and nothing worked to my satisfaction, to make me feel less conscious and when you have what is imperfect for you, you will do whatever you can. That is what I did but to no avail, until…I tried NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have a few YouTubers that make videos about makeup and skin care that I feel are knowledgeable, honest, skilled and real; one of which is Jaclyn Hill who is a makeup artist by trade but is fantastic on YouTube; anyway, she loves the NARS concealer, it may even be her holy grail concealer and there are other YouTubers who also have spoken about it so I bought it. I went to Sephora for something else and got caught up in the whole concealer search and ended up giving in and buying the NARS concealer. I love Sephora, it is my candy shop again, I have been shopping for my cosmetics at Shoppers Drug Mart for benefit products but…I have recently discovered it Cosmetics and Too Faced; anyway, I have gone back to Sephora for my cosmetics because it makes me happy.

So I have been using the NARS concealer for a few weeks and I love it; it is creamy, it covers my undereye circles, it brightens under my eyes and it lasts all day…honestly!!! I just want to say something about Jaclyn Hill; I knew enough about makeup application to make myself look pretty but I wanted to look flawless and beautiful especially on days when I didn’t have a lot of time, so I went to YouTube. I found a few YouTubers who knew enough about makeup application but when I started seeing my face as my canvas, I wanted more. I actually can’t remember how I found Jaclyn but when I started watching her tutorials I was hooked. She is the only YouTuber who is honest, real, uses high end products as well as drugstore, and she is so funny. What I really appreciate about her, is her tutorials are easy to follow and she teaches. I have learned so much from her and if you want to learn more about makeup application take a look at her channel and as for me I want to say thank you Jaclyn so much.

So, have a fabulous day and next time we’ll chat over tea about…



3 thoughts on “NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    I love Jaclyn too!! I use the nars creamy concealer more as a highlighter though because mine is pretty light (especially in the summer) 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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