I Rode a Bike…For the First Time in 18 Years!!!


Hey everybody, let’s chat over tea about…how my sister made me go bike riding and I wasn’t supposed to. Last Thursday my sister, Becky, and I took Jonathan, Katarina, and my two nephews, Lucas and Nicolas, bike riding in Stanley Park. If you know Vancouver, Stanley Park is our most beautiful and popular park in the Metro Vancouver area. Anyway, I wasn’t supposed to go on the bike ride, I was supposed to do whatever for an hour or so but we had a problem. Jonathan was supposed to take Nicolas on a child tandem bike and Becky was supposed to take Lucas in a baby seat on the back of her bike. When Jonathan saw the tandem bike he realized that he wasn’t strong enough or secure enough to take the tandem bike, so there I found myself getting roped into taking Nicolas. I found myself in the grip of fear; total, paralyzing, trembling fear and to make matters worse, Nicolas was also freaking out. I tried to ride with him but between my fear and his we weren’t going to make it. The only solution was to switch bikes; I would take Lucas and Becky would take Nicolas. This did not make me feel any better because at the root of this situation was that was I afraid of riding a bike, of falling down and the old addage about getting back on a bike wasn’t helping at all. This was about me overcoming fear, of not letting Satan get the upper hand and winning.

So, I put my foot on the pedal and pushed off. I felt like I was going to fall and I was extremely wobbly but I pushed through the fear and panic and I found myself having fun, I was back in my childhood riding with Becky and our friends to the beach.

As the ride progressed; I was able to enjoy the scenery, I was able to enjoy the wind in my face, having Lucas behind me enjoying the scenery, the beautiful summer day with the sun in my face and a breeze on my neck and in my hair and just being with my family and having fun. I had moments of fear and panic when Jonathan would get to close, or I had to pull over to let someone pass, I would have to get off the bike and walk it and when the fear and panic would surface I would repeat over and over, “I am not afraid, I can do this” and the fear would pass and I would feel stronger. I forgot how great bike riding is for getting in shape; how it’s a great cardio workout, how it’s a great workout for my abs and it also strengthens your back and arm muscles. I felt so good after, I was also sore for a few days but it was totally worth it.

I had a choice, I either went along for the ride, which would make my children happy or I could give into the fear and miss out on an amazing day with my family and Satan would win. I made the choice to go along for the ride and I won, God won because I fought the fear and made one step forward to my goal, now I just have to remember to use the phrase when I’m at the gym because the fear is strong and I’ve cried.

So, have a fabulous weekend at next time we’ll chat over tea about…



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