A Piece of My Childhood


Isn’t this a lovely bedside table? Becky, my sister, and I shared a room from the time she was born until we were separated as teenagers and we had white bunk beds with matching bedside tables. Somehow she managed to hold onto hers but mine was lost. After our Mom left, we moved from our little house in White Rock to a townhouse in South Surrey and my dad, Becky, our brother, Matthew and I found a little stability, routine and peace. Continue reading


I’m Not Good Enough


The Life of a Ginger is about my life and what is happening and right now I am battling a demon…I’m not good enough. I haven’t written anything, I haven’t recorded a YouTube video, I haven’t been going to the gym, I haven’t put on makeup or done my hair and why is that? Because I have been believing a lie, the lie that I’m not good enough and I don’t deserve to be happy and healthy and whole. Why bother writing? Nobody wants to hear what I have to say. Why bother going to the gym? It’s a new gym, I don’t know the equipment, I will do it wrong and I won’t have the same results. If I get fit and healthy, I will need to buy new clothes and we don’t have the money for that. Why record YouTube videos? Nobody wants to see me, nobody wants to listen to me and I don’t do tutorials so why bother?  Continue reading

This Year – 2016


I love everything Christmas; the lights, the decorations, the food, presents, things to see around where we live, the music, spending time with friends and family and I was thinking about this post and what to title it, the song “This Christmas,” came to mind so the title, “This Year.”

This year has been unbelievably difficult, almost as difficult as my childhood which I will discuss in a future post(s), but out of the difficulty and pain, it has also been a year of healing, restoration and revelation. Continue reading